The fact that you have arrived here is no co-incidence.  You have been called by your Soul to take this beautiful Journey of  Love, with a number of other beautiful souls.

















I invite you to have a brief look at the activities that we will partake in whilst on the Goddess Tour in Egypt.

  • We will exploring the Sacred Temples, Tombs and Museums in Egypt

  • We will have Private Entrance to 3 Sacred Places:  The Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and the Temple of Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis

  • We will also be sailing the Nile on a Dahabiya for 5 glorious nights

  • We will connect with our Divinity daily, through doing Mantras, Mediations and other healing activities

  • We will be working with the Elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water

  • We will have private time in with the Goddess Sekhmet in her Chapel in Karnak Temple

  • We will also do an Ancient Ritual in the Chapel of Isis in Luxor, that will assist you to open your heart and let go of anything that is preventing you of living a life of Joyful Abundance and Divine Love

  • We will be staying in the most glorious hotels that have been specifically chosen to enhance your experience in Egypt



The cost of this All Inclusive Luxury Retreat is US$4425 per person sharing.  Are you feeling the Call already?  Click below to down load the Booking Form and Itinerary and book your space NOW to avoid disappointment

'About the Healing Modalities:
  • We will be connecting with our Divinity daily through focusing on our breath and visualization.  When we do this, we automatically move into a space of Love.  We realize how powerful we are, how much we deserve and can expect abundance and miracles all the time and we learn that we are the masters of our destiny
  • Mantras are very powerful tools that can be used to work from a Heart-Centered space and they always become one of the favourite tools
  • We work with Sound, and this is another powerful, relaxing and beautiful way to more into a space of Divine love
  • Essential Oils are very popular in Egypt, and we will be using some of the oils available as healing tools.  Breathing in the beautiful aromas of these oils, not only uplifts, but also aid is releasing blockages that are stored in the Chakras.  We will visit a perfumery and get taught what oils are best for us and how to use them.  They are available to purchase so you have your own tool kit to take home
  • We work with the Elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.  This is an extremely powerful way to move away from ego and into a space of Love.  Working with the elements also assist us to be aware and present and to appreciate the gifts of Gaia
  • We will have the opportunity to partake in an Ancient Ritual dedicated to the Goddess Isis when we visit her Chapel in Luxor
  • We have private time with the Goddess Sekhmet in her Chapel in Karnak Temple.  She is powerful and will assist you to heal any blockages, fears, or beliefs that do not serve you
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The Accommodation:
  • We start off in Giza.  Our hotel, the Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel is beautifully situated directly opposite the Giza Plateau which is the home to the 3 Pyramids and the Sphinx.  We will have amazing views and excellent food, service and rooms.

  • Our second Hotel is really unique.  The House of Life Hotel in Abydos was built to honor the wishes of Om Sety, who desired a replica of the Temple of Abydos built in the form of a Hotel.  A Dutch women and some Egyptian partners took on this task and created the most beautiful sanctuary, where we will have the honor of staying overnight.

nile compound.jpeg

 The accommodation that we will be using in Luxor, is situated on the West Bank, which is also home to the Valley of the Kings and Queens.  It is set in the village and surrounded by farmlands.  The perfect space for us to embrace our healing work and connect with the authenticity of Egypt.  Imagine witnessing farmers tending their crops, donkeys carrying carts of goods, inquisitive, friendly children running to say hello and have a chat and women going about their daily lives.  The reason why I have chosen this Guest House, is so that we can experience raw, authentic Egypt, the way it has been for centuries.

Next we move onto one of the highlights of the tour.  We board the 2 Dahabiyas, Abundance and Minya.  We will spend 5 glorious days on these beautiful boats, stopping off at Temples along the way.  This is the perfect time for our group to really connect and this is usually the time when great friendships are formed.  We have plenty time to relax, meditate, sing mantras, connect with our divinity.  We will have an opportunity to swim in the Nile, go for walks through the villages, sleep, lie in the hammock, and generally just have the best time.  I could not imagine a Goddess Tour without spending time on the Dahabiya. It is a very unique experience for tourists, most of them opt for the huge Nile cruisers....but, once you've been on the Dahabiya, you simply cannot compare the two.  Another advantage about spending time on the Dahabiya, is that it caters solely for our group. We are nourished, cared for and loved by the staff.  We also get to see temples that the general public do not, because the Dahabiya is able to get to spots on the Nile Rive, that the big cruisers cannot get to.  Each cabin has it's own private bathroom, there is a deck, dining area and beautiful sitting/relaxing area.

dahabiya abundance.jpg
Abundance 2.jpg

The final hotel we will be staying is situated in the Fayoum desert.  How amazing will it be to spend out last night in Egypt gazing at a clear star-filled sky.  We will have our closing ceremony at the Lazib Inn Resort and Spa.  I can not think of a better place to end our tour.

Lazib Inn.jpg
fayoum 2.jpeg
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brief itinerary

Day 1:   25 October 2021 Monday

Opening Ceremony:  Here we meet our fellow travelers and receive information about what to expect during the tour.  We also set personal  intentions about what we hope to achieve personally during this Journey of the Heart

Overnight Giza

Day 2:  26 October 2021 Tuesday

Early in the morning we have our Sphinx Private Visit.  We will spend approximately 2 hours here, connecting to Tefnut the Great Mother, meditating, receiving healing and softening our heart centers.

We return to the hotel for breakfast

We then visit Saqqara, the Ancient Healing Complex and the Dashur Pyramid

Overnight Giza 

Day 3:  27 October 2021 Wednesday

Fly to Abydos early in the morning

After settling into the House of Life Hotel, we have lunch and then visit Abydos Temple.  Ancient, mystical and full of magic to assist you to really become Divine Love

Overnight House of Life

Day 4:  28 October 2021 Thursday

We travel to Dendara and visit the exquisite Temple dedicated to the Goddess Hathor..  The ceilings have been cleaned and the most beautiful Blues have been revealed.  The entire Zodiac system is depicted on the ceiling and many secrets and messages are to be witnessed in this temple. 

We travel to Luxor and check into our hotel on the Westbank

Overnight Luxor

Day 5:  29 October 2021 Friday

Our first stop in Luxor is Karnak Temple 

We have private time in the Chapel of Sekhmet, where you can expect something amazing,  Every visit with Sekhmet is different.  Sometimes she is fiery, sometimes she is nurturing.  She is always the Powerful Healer.

We visit Luxor Temple in the evening and marvel at the beauty of this temple in the moonlight.

Overnight Luxor

Day 6:  30 October 2021 Saturday

We visit the Temple of Hatchepsut, a female Pharaoh and experience the softness and joy held in this sacred space.

We visit Pabasa Tomb (the Beekeepers Tomb) where will will see evidence of beekeeping in Ancient Egypt

We stop for lunch at a local restaurant and then visit Medinet Habu

Overnight Luxor

Day 7:  31 October 2021 Sunday

We visit the Valley of Kings and Queens.  This massive area houses Tombs of the Pharaohs and Queens of Egypt.

A highlight is visiting the most beautiful tomb of Nefertari.  Beautifully preserved and breathtakingly exquisite.

We visit the Chapel of Isis where we do an Ancient Ceremony and connect with this Beautiful Healing Goddess.

Board Dahabiya at lunch time and sail to Esna

Overnight Dahabiya 

Day 8:  1 November 2021 Monday

Visit the Temple of Knum, dedicated to the Creator God Knum at Esna

Overnight Dahabiya 



Day 9:  2 November 2021 Tuesday

We sail to El Kab and visit the village to see the ancient city

Visit the temple of Amenhotep III dedicated to Hathor and Nekhbet 

We have the opportunity to meditate in this tiny Temple and connect with the Divine Feminine

Overnight Dahabiya 


Day 10:  3 November 2021 Wednesday

We visit Silsila, visit the quarries and Temple on the Banks of the Nile

Overnight Dahabiya 

Day 11:  4 November 2021 Thursday

Sail to Komombo

Visit Komombo Temple

Overnight Dahabiya 

Day 12:  5 November 2021 Friday

Private visit to Philae Temple at Sunrise

Visit the Nubian Village

Fly to Cairo 14:55

Overnight Giza

Day 13:  6 November 2021 Saturday

We visit Old Cairo and experience the Churches, Synagogues and a Mosque

Then we get to visit Khan El Khalili, the biggest Souk in all of Egypt.  If you do not like shopping, you may choose to have a cup of mint tea, and watch the activity from a table at a coffee shop.

Overnight Giza

Day 14:  7 November 2021 Sunday

We visit the Egyptian Museum, hopefully the Grand Egyptian Museum will be open.  This has been in construction for about 5 years now, and houses millions of ancient relics.

In the afternoon we visit the Giza Plateau and get up close to the three Pyramids in the area.

In the evening, we have our Private Entrance to the Great Pyramid. This is one of the highlights of the tour and the most wonderful experience

Overnight Giza

Day 15:  8 November 2021 Monday

Travel to Fayoum Oasis

Visit sites around Fayoum Oasis

Overnight Lazib Inn Resort and Spa


Day 16: 9 November 2021 Tuesday

We have our Closing Ceremony and sharing, expressing our gratitude for this Journey of the Heart.

We travel by bus to Cairo Airport.  

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What’s Included:

15 Nights Hotel Accommodation:

5 Nights in Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel Giza

1 Night at House of Life Hotel in Abydos

3 Nights in Nile Compound Luxor

5 Nights on the Dahabiya Abundance & Dahabiya

1 Night in Lazib Hotel and Spa in Fayoum


  • 3 Private visits:Pyramid, Sphinx and Philae Temple

  • All meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • All entrance fees to sites visited

  • All transfers to sites, and 2 airport transfers on arrival and departure in a luxury

  • Air-conditioned bus

  • Licensed English-Speaking Guide

  • Most tipping.A gratuity towards the guide and Dahabiya Staff would

       be appreciated

  • 2 domestic Flights:Cairo/Sohag & Aswan/Cairo

  • Meditation and Healing sessions

  • A manual with information about the Chakra System and Mantras All soft drinks, water and tea and coffee whilst on the Dahabiya


What’s Not Included:

  • International Airfare

  • Drinks (except on the Dahabiya)

  • Telephone calls

  • Laundry

  • Medical and Personal Travel Insurance

  • Tipping for the Guide and Dahabiya Staff                                                                

  • Optional Excursions:

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride :                                 US$120

  • Entrance to to the Tomb of Nefertari:      US$100

  • Sound and Light Show:                             US$70


Tour Cost:


Per Person Sharing in a Double Room         


Per person in a Single Room                           US$5195