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Aloha Lovely One

I am Michelle Leske, your host and tour organizer on this Retreat.  Goddess Retreats came about after I first visited Egypt in 2011. I experienced so much healing, I grew so much as a person, I released fears, my confidence grew exponentially and I found my purpose.  My dream was to host tours to Egypt.  Not just site seeing tours but healing tours, I so wanted to give others the opportunity to heal spontaneously like I did.  That was 13 years ago, now I have lost count of the number of Retreats I have hosted in Egypt.  I have had the honor and privilege to host tours in Turkey and France too, and my list of bucket list countries grows all the time.

It is my honor to be able to host these retreats, and to witness so many participants healing, letting go, becoming completely different people to the ones that first came on the retreat. Many of the participants attend the retreats over and over again.  I have made some really good friends, and do believe that we fulfil a Soul Contract or agreement, when we come together in a group to heal our hearts.  Participants feel like family, soul family and the connections speak volumes.

I invite you to read through the itinerary and Answer the Call.  I am looking forward to travelling to Mystical Egypt with you!


What you can expect on a Goddess Tour to Egypt:

  • You can expect to transform your life, perspective and sense of self

  • ​You can expect to learn new ways to heal yourself

  • ​You can expect to learn about the Chakra system, sound healing, different ways to meditate and mantras

  • You can experience the wonderful medicine of a Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • ​You can expect to have the privilege to meditate in temples that are not visited by the general public

  • ​You can expect to be cared for, nurtured and nourished by my team, so that all you need to be concerned with is your personal growth

  • Daily Healing Sessions

  • ​We have arranged 3 Private Entrances, the Paws of the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and Abu Ghorab

  • ​We will also be working with the elements:  Fire, Air, Earth and Water.  A shamanic process that assists to burn fears, learn to use your breath and voice, learn to love Gaia, and finally surrender into the process of healing

  • If you allow yourself to surrender to healing, the magic stored in the Temples, Tombs and Pyramids, could change your life dramatically

  • ​You can expect to work with the energy of Adi Shakti – the Divine Feminine

  • ​Mostly, you can definitely expect to learn to Love Yourself!


What is special about this Goddess Retreat in Egypt?

  • Private Entrance (Special Permission) to enter the Paws of the Sphinx (Closed to the public)

  • Private Entrance (Special Permission) to enter the Great Pyramid as a Private Group (no other members of the public will be in the pyramid while our group is there

  • Special Permission to the Sun Temple site at Abu Ghorab (this is closed to the public)

  • 4 Nights on a Dahabiya.  A Private boat where our group will be the only people sailing the Nile on this really special sail boat

  • This is not a tour, it is a retreat, where we spend a lot of time healing our hearts, connecting to our divinity and removing blockages to abundance, self-love and creating a life of our dreams


8 to 12 November 4 nights Cairo

Day 1:  Friday 8 November 2024

Meals included:    None

Arrival in Cairo from your country.  You will be met at Cairo International Airport by our representative and assisted to purchase your visa, go through customs and collect your luggage.  Then you will be transferred to the Le Meridien Airport Hotel where you will check into your room.  The group spends one night in the hotel to make logistics easier.

Day 2:  Saturday 9 November 2024

Meals included:  Breakfast & Dinner

The group will be collected at Le Meridien Airport Hotel and transferred to the Pyramids Hotel by Jaz near the Giza Plateau.   We will have our Opening Ceremony where you will get information about the tour and we will set our intentions for our Personal Goals that we would like to achieve during this sacred time.  This Journey is about Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally, Remembering that You are Powerful, Forgiveness of Yourself and others and seeing yourself as the Limitless, Bright Light that you are.

Lunch at your own expense

In the afternoon, we will enjoy a Private Visit to the Sphinx, who is Tefnut, one of the Lion Headed Goddesses.  Here we will have the opportunity to meditate in the Paws of the Sphinx and explore the area.  This is a very special opportunity, since we have Special Permission for our group to enter this area.  Generally tourist only get to view the Sphinx from a platform, but not go anywhere near the actual Temple.



Tefnut, the Great Mother, also more commonly known as the Sphinx, has her home on the Giza Plateau.  

She is older than 10 000 years,

YES!!! You are reading correctly, ten thousand years, according to geological studies of the erosion surrounding this statue. Tefnut was one of the Lion Headed Goddesses revered in Egypt.  She is the daughter of Ra, who created her, and she nurtures, mothers and loves all of humanity.  

When you experience getting up close and personal with her, during our Private Visit, you will come to a realisation and inner knowing, that Tefnut, is in fact The Great Mother.

Day Three:  Sunday, 10 November 2024

Meals Included:  Breakfast & Dinner

After breakfast we gather for a Healing Circle, where we connect to our Divinity and Focus on the Third Eye Chakra.

After our healing session, we have another Special Permission tour to Abu Ghorab.  It is the site of one of 4 Sun Temples built in Egypt, supposedly built in 2500BC but I suspect it may be older than that.  The bowls found at Abu Ghorab are mysterious, the use of them not known, and they are found nowhere else in the world.  There is an energy at this site that is unexplainable.  Although it is basically in ruins, there is much to feel and experience.  You may want to watch this documentary to see for yourself

Abu Ghorab Stone Bowls.jpg
Abu Ghorab.jpg
Pyramids Nov 2024.jpg

Day Five:  Tuesday, 12 November 2024

Meals included:  Breakfast & Dinner

We start the day by connecting to our Divinity, connecting to our Heart Centre and also working with the Third Eye Chakra, using our intuition to find blockages to Unconditional Love. This time our Healing Circle will take place in the Great Pyramid, where only our group will have the opportunity to be inside that massive structure.  We explore from top to bottom and then hold a healing session and meditation in the Kings Chamber.  This is always one of the highlights of Goddess Retreats in Egypt.

Day Four:  Monday, 11 November 2024

Meals Included:  Breakfast & Dinner

We start the day by connecting to our Divinity, connecting to our Heart Centre and also working with the Third Eye Chakra, using our intuition to find blockages to Unconditional Love.

We visit the Giza Plateau which is home to the 3 Pyramids:  The Great Pyramid, Kafre Pyramid and Menkaure Pyramid and also the Sphinx.  We examine and explore these phenomenal structures and contemplate how they were built and their purpose.  There is also an opportunity for a horse or camel ride, and of course plenty of photo opportunities.

inside GP.jpg

 We visit the Newly Opened Grand Egyptian Museum to view treasures, mummies, statues and all things Ancient that have been found in Egypt. 


We visit a Koshari restaurant for lunch.  Koshari is an authentic Egyptian food made with noodles, lentils, chilly, tomatoes and other tasty ingredients. After lunch we visit Khan el Khalili Souk.  The largest market in Egypt, where you can browse, shop, smell the authentically Egypt smells, and become enmeshed in the busyness that is Egypt.


During our time in Luxor, we will work with the element of Earth and truly ground ourselves into our physical bodies, and become aware of the beautiful gifts of Mother Gaia. We also focus on the Heart Chakra, learning to Love ourselves and experiencing our Power and Divinity.

The Ascension Flame is kept in the Etheric above Luxor.  We will connect to the Ascended Master, Serapis Bey, and the Ascension Flame (White Flame of Purity).  I work very closely with Serapis Bey, and his mission to uplift the Divine Feminine.

  • Luxor is the Heart Chakra of Egypt, and we will do lots of work to Heal the Heart of past trauma and also allow ourselves to become more open hearted

  • We will have the honour of having some private time in the Chapel of Sekhmet in Karnak Temple

  • We will explore Karnak Temple which is one of the largest open-air museums

  • We will witness the magic of Luxor Temple in the evening, where the lighting gives the whole complex a golden glow.

  • We will visit a tiny chapel dedicated to the Goddess Isis, where we will again have private time to heal, meditate, sing mantras and receive.  Hardly any tourists go there and it is really a little gem off the beaten track.  We will also perform an Ancient Ceremony whilst we visit this lovely chapel.

  • The Valley of Kings and is not to be missed when visiting Luxor. This is where we explore the beautifully painted tombs of the Pharaohs, thousands of years old.  You may wish to visit the Tomb of Tutankhamun at your own expense

  • You will also have the opportunity to go on a Hot Air Balloon at Sunrise, this is a marvellous experience, not to be missed

luxor temple 2_edited.jpg
Sekhmet 22_edited_edited.jpg

sailing the nile:

For the next four days and nights of the retreat, we will sail the Nile on a Dahabiya. A dahabiya is a traditional Egyptian sailboat, characterized by its elegant design and classic wooden construction. These graceful vessels offer a luxurious and leisurely way to cruise the Nile River. With their ornate furnishings, spacious cabins, and a limited number of passengers, dahabiyas provide an intimate and authentic way to explore the timeless beauty of Egypt, making them a favorite choice for travelers seeking a more personalized and relaxed Nile cruise experience.

Our group will be the only passengers on the Dahabiya, and this gives us the perfect opportunity for healing, meditating, sacred cacao ceremonies, dancing and singling mantras in our very own private vessel.

Are you feeling the Call?

While we are on the Nile, there will be plenty of time for us to engage in Healing Activities.  We will be stopping off at some lovely temples and interesting places: 

  • Esna Temple

  • Philae Temple Dedicated to Isis

  • Kom  Ombo Temple

  • Temple of Horemheb at Silsila

  • Temple of Amenhotep III at El Kab

  • The Quarries at Silsila

  • We will take a walk through a village on the banks of the Nile

Esna Columns.jpg

Siwa Oasis

Day 14 Thursday, 21 November 2024 to Day 18, Monday, 25 November 2024

Five Days and 4 Nights in Siwa Oasis

We fly to Siwa Oasis on the morning of 21 November.  We will be staying at a beautiful Oasis in the Siwa Desert for four nights. During the four days we will take part in the following activities:

  • Visit the Temple of the Oracle dedicated to the god Amun

  • Visit Cleopatras Bath and have the opportunity to bathe like true goddesses

  • We visit the Salt Lakes and take this opportunity to heal physical ailments in the Salty Water where you will be completely weightless and experience what it is like to float and feel supported

  • Visit the Sulphur Hot Springs and feel their Healing and Regenerating properties

  • Connecting deeply with your Divinity, releasing blocks to Self-Love, creating a plan to continue with your Self-Love Journey once you return home.

Join us in this heart opening retreat
Siwa Nov 24 1.jpg
Siwa Nov 24 Salt Lake.jpg
Temple of the Oracle.jpg
'About the Healing Modalities:
  • We will be Connecting with our Divinity daily through focusing on our breath and visualization.  When we do this, we automatically move into a space of Love.  We realize how powerful we are, how much we deserve and can expect abundance and miracles all the time and we learn that we are the masters of our destiny
  • Mantras are very powerful tools that can be used to work from a Heart-Centered space and they always become one of the favourite tools
  • We work with Sacred Sound, and this is another powerful, relaxing and beautiful way to more into a space of Divine love.  
  • Essential Oils are very popular in Egypt, and we will be using some of the oils available as healing tools.  Breathing in the beautiful aromas of these oils, not only uplifts, but also aids in releasing blockages that are stored in the Chakras.  We will visit a perfumery and get taught what oils are best for us and how to use them.  They are available to purchase so you have your own tool kit to take home
  • We work with the Elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.  This is an extremely powerful way to move away from ego and into a space of Love.  Working with the elements also assist us to be aware and present and to appreciate the gifts of Gaia
  • We will have the opportunity to partake in an Ancient Ritual dedicated to the Goddess Isis when we visit her Chapel in Luxor
  • We have Private Time with the Goddess Sekhmet in her Chapel in Karnak Temple.  She is powerful and will assist you to heal any blockages, fears, or beliefs that do not serve you
  • We will have the opportunity to enter the Great Pyramid and receive some sound therapy, and also connect with our Higher Selves, during our Private Visit.
Do you feel the Call of your Heart
to Join this Journey of Love?
singing bowl_edited.png

There is a Payment Plan available.  Please see the Booking Form for more details.


Tour Cost:

Per Person Sharing in a Double Room             US$5500
(for a standard cabin on the Dahabiya)


Per person in a Single Room                             US$6770
(for a standard cabin on the Dahabiya)


Different Accommodation options are available.  Please see more information on the Booking Form to select your preference.


What’s Included:

17 Nights Hotel Accommodation:

2 Nights in Le Meridien Airport Hotel (Breakfast Included)

4 Nights in Pyramids Resort by Jaz (Dinner & Breakfast Included)

3 Nights in Steigenberger Achti Luxor (Breakfast & Dinner included

4 Nights on the Dahabiya (All meals, soft drinks, tea and coffee)

4 Nights in Siwa Talist Resort (All meals)


  • 3 Private visits: Great Pyramid, Sphinx and Abu Ghorab

  • All meals mentioned in the itinerary: 17 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 15 dinners

  • All entrance fees and transportation to sites visited

  • All transfers to sites, and 2 airport transfers on arrival and departure in a luxury Air-conditioned bus

  • Licensed English-Speaking Guide

  • All tipping.

  • 4 domestic Flights:Cairo to Luxor, Aswan to Cairo, Cairo to Siwa, Siwa to Cairo

  • Meditation and Healing sessions

  • Sacred cacao Ceremony

  • A manual with information about the Healing Sessions on the Retreat

  • All soft drinks, water and tea and coffee whilst on the Dahabiya

  • Most Gratuities


What’s Not Included:

  • International Airfare

  • Drinks (except on the Dahabiya)

  • Lunches and dinners not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Telephone calls

  • Laundry

  • Medical and Personal Travel Insurance

  • Optional Excursions

See what past participants say about goddess retreats:

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