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We Are Love

This morning while I was meditating, I had another epiphany.  In the last year, I have had 4 people more or less my age passing over.  It is quite a daunting thing, and quite unusual I think, and of course it has made me ponder why.  What is it with my generation that we suffer from so much mental and physical illness?  It should be my mother’s generation that is passing now, and yet it is mine, who are 20 to 30 years younger.

Firstly I was given the analogy of a seed.  That Aha moment that we as seeds of the creator have forgotten who we are.  We have been created by Divine Love and therefore that is what we are.  In order to be this we have to know this by remembering our origin.  The reason why so many of this generation, born in the 1950’s and 1960’s, have forgotten our source and our truth is because we have spent so much of our time and energy working to make money, to buy status symbols and educate our kids, and get them degrees and set them up for life.  Are we not perhaps taking away their independence by doing this?  Are we not taking away our children’s choices and right to make decisions for themselves by working ourselves to death, yes to DEATH, by our fixation on money and a good career that only comes with a university degree!  This is a pattern that will repeat itself in our children’s generation if we do not stop this right now.  The very best thing that we can do for our children is lead by example, so let’s make a conscious choice to show our children that money and power and high powered jobs, are not what life is about.

When you plant a packet of carrot seeds, you expect carrots to come up and grow from tiny little seedlings into beautiful sweet crunchy carrots.  Do you know what the carrot will look like?  Sort of, but if you have ever grown carrots, you will know that they all look a little different, they all have a similar taste, but some are sweeter, some are crunchier and some don’t thrive at all, even though they have been planted in the same soil and have received the same amount of nurturing, watering and sunlight.  When we eat the harvest, we do not compare the carrots.  Oh this one is better than that one, this one looks more beautiful, and this one is more successful.  No! We accept the carrot for what it is.

Let us try and be like that with ourselves.  We are all carrots that have come from the same source, yet we all are different.  See yourself as a carrot, different to every other carrot that has ever grown, but still unique, beautiful, and a miracle. Self-Love is the most beautiful gift you can ever give to both yourself and humanity. If you are unable to love yourself, warts and all, then it is really impossible to love anybody else, since all the flaws and irritations that you see in others are merely a reflection of what you see in yourself.

So it’s investment time now!  It’s time to invest in yourself, it’s time to give yourself a break and start forgiving yourself for every little thing that you feel guilty about, or not successful enough, or wrong about. Once you start shifting and loving yourself, you will see doors opening. You will notice gifts from the Universe coming in abundance, without putting in any effort. I am speaking from experience, I am speaking from the space of slowly but surely becoming an alchemist. I have dedicated a lot of my time to learning to love myself, warts and all, and it is paying off. The only one that can create your Joy is You. How about starting to invest in yourself today?

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