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My Love for Mary Magdalene

Oh! How I love Mary Magdalene. Today, 22 July, is her Feast Day, and it seems fitting that I honor her with some writing from my heart. My very first encounter with her, was in 2012, whilst I was in Egypt. I was going to visit the Virgin Tree, and she filled my heart. I started crying, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and could not stop, and I could not explain why I was crying. After I had been to the Virgin Tree, I encountered a family with a little boy, whom I engaged with, and his mother was wearing a Red Head Scarf! It was only when I got home, that I realized that all the Mary's in the time of Jesus, were identified by their red veils. It was quite a phenomenal discovery for me, and truly an explanation for the reason of my weeping. In 2019, I led a Goddess Tour to France, specifically to connect with the energy of Mary Magdalene, who went to live in the South of France after the Crucifixion. It was phenomenal, and her presence throughout the tour was palpable. I experienced a huge amount of personal growth, I conquered massive fears, and learnt what is was to be humbled. She is now an Ascended Master and is the Twin Flame of Archangel Raphael. They serve on the Green Ray of Healing Love.

I feel a great connection between Mary Magdalene and the Goddess Hathor. For me they have qualities that are very similar. Both are advocates of the Divine Feminine, and I am using their example to be an advocate of this beautiful movement of Love myself. I Am truly grateful to this Holy woman for her direction, her guidance and her unconditional love towards me.

Blessings to You, on this beautiful day, from my Heart to Yours.

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