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Many of us have a great desire to know our purpose in life.  I used to believe that if only I knew my purpose, that my life would turn around instantly,  I would find what I really wanted to do, I would be ecstatically happy, I would earn tons of money, I would become well known and sought after.  Unfortunately at that stage I was looking in the direction of a career, a physical world career.  I would go to psychics, fortune tellers, shamans and anyone else whom I thought would show me what my purpose was.  I wanted them to tell me which career was best suited to me, to live this amazing life.

A turnaround came quite recently when I discovered that actually we all have the same purpose.  It is the most amazing purpose.  The purpose of coming to this earth is to become Love.  Pure Divine Blissful Love.  The Aquarian Age is the age of Christ Consciousness, the Consciousness of the Divine Mother.  The reason why Jesus came to earth was to teach us to live, and what we could become, if we focused on becoming Love.  We were all created from Love.

As souls, we have lived thousands and thousands of lifetimes.  Many of us lived during the times of Atlantis, the Golden Age.  We were fully clairaudient, clairsentient, and lived life expressing our Soul qualities.  Unfortunately, ego got in the way, and we started abusing our powers.  This is when Atlantis and the Golden Age disintegrated.  We are now charged to get back to that Golden Age.  We are here to create Heaven on Earth.  We all have the ability to perform the miracles that Jesus did.  We have the gift of Healing.  The gift of Compassion.  The gift of walking on water.  The gift of alchemy.  Unfortunately we are ego driven, and therefore these gifts are hidden.  To bring them to the fore once again, like we did on Atlantis, we need to Love God with all our being and might.  We need to trust in Divine will and forego our ego.  We need to use the Violet Flame to transmute anything within ourselves that is not Love, so that we can once again become what we really are.  LOVE.

We have the support of the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim and the Holy Spirit.  Ask and it is given.  I pray that if you are truly seeking your purpose in life, you will find this, and remember who you really are.  Ask and it is Given.  You are LOVE.

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