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Remember to love yourself

Many of us are working on loving ourselves unconditionally. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, because we live with ourselves and tend to focus on our mistakes. Not too many people are always compassionate, kind, loving or perfect. Speaking for myself, I am forever beating myself up for what I have done wrong.

Recently I had a bit of an epiphany. I have a magic candle holder, that when a small tea light is burning in the holder, a star starts shining. I have kept this image in my mind to remind myself that I am a star, and I remember to shine brightly. I focus on what I really am, instead of the silly ego talk.

During the Goddess Retreat to Turkey in May 2023, that candle will be burning brightly, and it will be there to remind participants, that they too are really bright and shining stars.

Is your heart feeling the call to heal? Get in touch and we can send you more information about the Goddess Retreat to Turkey in May 2023, or add you to our mailing list for future tours.

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