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Turkey: A Spiritual Destination?

I'm hosting a Retreat to Turkey in May next year, and the question whether Turkey is actually a Spiritual Destination has come up. In my heart I know that yes its is. Firstly because life itself is a Spiritual Experience, no matter what your beliefs are. Secondly because, like Egypt, Machu Picchu, India, Bali and all the other countries that are well known for hosting Spiritual retreats, Turkey has it's own magic, it's own very ancient temples (think Gobekli Tepe, the oldest temple ever to be discovered), and it's own Goddesses.

What makes a place or a destination Spiritual anyway? Is it purely the destination, or is it the intent with which you visit the place? Your own back yard is a Spiritual Destination if you go in there with the intention of connecting spiritually. Every place on this earth is a spiritual destination, you just need to connect your spirituality with the destination.

Just to be very clear myself on what Spirituality actually means and did some research. This is one of the good answers that I found:

What are the characteristics of spirituality? Five characteristics of spirituality include: meaning, value, transcendence, connecting (with oneself, others, God/supreme power and the environment), and becoming (the growth and progress in life) .

So all the boxes for Turkey are ticked, since what we will get from Turkey in a Spiritual Way is what we put in, and Goddess Retreats tick all the boxes.

Join me on this beautiful retreat to Turkey in May 2023, where we look at the meaning of our lives, where we transcend our current state of being to a higher level of Joy, where we connect with ourselves, others, a Higher Power and the environment, and we start becoming the Best Version of Ourselves.

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