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Why you should attend at least one Retreat

It might sound pretty frightening if you have never attended a retreat. You may feel you do not know what is expected of you, you're not that good at meditating or have in fact never meditated, you do not know one single person going on the retreat that is calling you, you have never been on a retreat and and you don't know how to be in that situation.

I felt like that too before I took the big brave step in 2011. I have never looked back. In fact, it had such an impact on my personal growth, courage, letting go of the stuff that was holding my back from my best life, that I wanted to host retreats too, to assist others to grow and start living the best, most abundant, joyful lives.

A retreat is a gift to yourself. A time to get away from all your responsibilities at home and focus wholly on yourself, either for a day, a weekend or an extended period of time. Of course I would recommend an extended period of time. This allows you to first acclimatize and get yourself into the mode of focusing just on yourself and then spend the time learning about yourself, what you do not like in your life and let it go and then to discover what you would really love to do with your life and let that grow into something that will make you really content, happy, joyful and abundant.

Retreats have different themes, some focus on yoga, some on meditation, some on painting, you get the gist. Goddess Retreats focus on Self Love and we use many different tools to assist you to let go of stuff that is no longer serving you, and invite in things that will make your heart sing.

We make use of Mantras, Meditation, Singing Bowls, Essential Oils and various other modalities to assist you to invite JOY into your life.

I am honored to invite you to join the Goddess Retreat to Turkey in May 2023, where will explore ancient sites, partake in self love activities and assist you to BECOME JOY.

Do You Hear the Call? Click the button below to get more information.

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