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Originating in Polynesia 5 000 years ago, this ancient profoundly healing bodywork is unlike anything you have ever experienced! Using forearms, hands and elbows in deep, dynamic, flowing strokes, the practitioner uses intuition and focused intention to release physical and energetic blockages and restore health and balance to body, mind and spirit.

Honouring the body’s innate wisdom and ability to self-heal, this transformational bodywork is gentle and yet very powerful. It will leave you feeling more in touch with yourself and with greater awareness of your thoughts and feelings and their impact on your health and life. The natural dance, like rhythm, much like the ebb and flow of the ocean, lulls one into deep relaxation. As core layers of tension are revealed and released, you will feel more connected to self and to life, open, at ease, balanced, light and alive!

Sometimes called the dance of breath and life from the heart, Kahuna massage an ancient spiritual practice of Hawaii will touch you in a seemingly magical way. Deeply rooted in natural rhythms within us and all around us in nature, Kahuna allows us to connect with our higher self and to connect to a higher source which flows through us. Using the sacred spiritual tools of the wise Kahuna’s can help facilitate a homecoming,

a meeting of your authentic self in your beautiful body, the temple of your soul. This marriage of body, mind and spirit is profoundly liberating and life-changing. Simple, highly effective and exquisitely beautiful.

Image by Camille Brodard
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