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Numerology reports are twelve printed pages long. The following is the information that you will receive in your personal numerology report. The information is taken from your date of birth and your full birth name.



Your Life Path number tells you what you can depend upon to find success in the world.  It shows you the Spiritual demand that is made upon you as you explore the road of life. Your Life Path number can be used to indicate positive career/vocational choices, it tells of areas in which you will excel, even without training. You may draw on this energy throughout your life because these are your inherent skills and talents.


Your destiny number spells out the direction of your life from the day you were born. It is calculated from your name. Each part of your name has a particular meaning. Your name spells out your unique talents and characteristics. Your name reveals a picture of the real you. Your name is your ‘blueprint’ or ‘cosmic code’ of your potential.

  • Your first name gives you your most personal lessons

  • Your middle name reveals hidden abilities

  • Your last name tells of the characteristics you’ve inherited from your family


The soul number tells of your heart's desire. It tells of your secret thoughts and wishes, what you long for. When you came to earth as an incoming soul, you determined what was needed for your soul to grow in this lifetime, so you chose a name that would give you the correct energy patterns and would attract certain opportunities to you so that you could learn and grow.

Your soul number tells you:                                           

  • Your heart's desire

  • Your true motivation

  • What you long for

  • What you love best

  • What you need to feed your soul

  • What you value most


The Personality Number reveals how others see you. It is the image that you portray to others, and may not be how you see yourself. It invites you to see yourself as others see you.


This number gives insight into what you can expect in the second half of your life. Your Maturity Number is the number of the true you. It shows how your Soul, Destiny and Personality numbers work in concert with your Life Path number, to reveal the essence of who you really are. Your Maturity Number becomes fully functional as you approach midlife, so as you age and mature, the energy of this number will become the dominant force in your life. The underlying force of this number begins to surface at around age 35 to 40 and emerges as you gain a better understanding of yourself. By age 50, you have entered the full vibrational impact of the Maturity Number. The gift of maturity is that you no longer waste time and energy on things that aren’t moving you towards your ultimate goal in life.\

The Maturity Number tells of:

  • The ultimate goal is your life

  • The essence of all your experiences – what they add up to and what they were for

  • What’s waiting for you when you’ve reached your peak

  • What you should and can develop

  • The true you

  • Where your destiny is leading you


A karmic debt is owed because of something that occurred in a past life where there was a misuse of power or love – and now it’s payback time. In other words, some action you took in a past life is now requiring you to set matters right.


Karmic Lessons indicate the specific lessons you want to work on in this lifetime. Karmic Lessons are intended to be used to bring balance and completion into your vibration.  Remember these lessons are qualities that you want to bring to yourself.


Your Pinnacle Numbers represent the goals, attainments and lessons in a given period of time at a specific age. Your Challenge Numbers represent your specific weak spots in attaining your Pinnacles.

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