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Buddha Statue


Hello! My name is Michelle Leske. Welcome to my site. My passion is Love! Love in all its beautiful forms, but particularly Self Love! I believe that if we can fully love ourselves, then we can love everybody and every living thing. 

You see, when there is Love, there is no fear.  

When we encounter something that attracts a response within ourselves, whether it be positive or negative, it is often the mirror at play. When you see something beautiful, what beauty are you seeing within yourself? When something irritates you, what is irritating you about yourself? 


There are many ways to learn to love ourselves. For some, the process is easier than others. It just depends on your willingness to surrender into Love. 


Do you really desire to Be Divine Love, or do you prefer to be miserable?

Should you choose to Be Divine Love, I can assist you to become that. I offer many healing modalities to assist you to release fear and become the Joy-filled, Love Filled, Alchemist that is your true nature. We chose to come to this planet, to Remember that we are Love.  That is our true nature. 

So I invite you, to allow me to assist you, to remember who you really are. Whether it is some Body Work, Numerology, Meditation and Mantras, or one of the beautiful Goddess Retreats that you are looking for, I am here to assist you to Be Love.

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