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10 - 23 mAY 2024


 It is with much excitement that I offer this Retreat in England in collaboration with Yolandi Boshoff.  Not only is Yolandi very connected to the Sacred Sites in England, has explored the Ley Lines and the energies of these spaces and has an excellent knowledge of them, but she is also a Healer, Akashic Record Reader and shares Light Language. We have worked closely together to plan this beautiful retreat and would love you to join us on this Journey of Healing, Connecting to the Earth, Exploring Sacred Sites in England and Learning to Love Yourself more.

We honour the Divine Feminine in every living being,  and therefore Goddess Tours are open to everyone who would like to move into a space of Divine Love. Nurturing qualities of Self Love, Self Acceptance, Forgiveness, Accepting and Celebrating Diversity, Discovering our Divinity and Soul Purpose.

The tools that we use for Healing our Hearts, Thoughts, Beliefs, are some of the following:

  • Meditation

  • Mantras

  • Sound Therapy

  • Essential oils

  • Chakra Balancing  

  • Looking at the Mirror

  • Working with the Elements:  Fire, Wind, Earth & Water


These tools have proven to be very effective in all Goddess Tours, and assist participants to shift. Some only slightly, and some dramatically. There is always a shift in Consciousness.

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair”
― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

 explore sacred sites, heal your heart, learn to love yourself in exquisite england

During the first leg of our journey we will be based in Somerset at Sparkford Hall.  Sparkford Hall is a grand Georgian Mansion built in 1878.  The 18 acres of beautiful grounds are shared with a pair of tame Llama, some ponies and a bunch of ducks.  This will be our beautiful home for the first week.  


During our tour we will be working with the St Michael Ley Line energies that run from the East to the West of England.  The Michael and Mary Dragon Lines will form a big part of our explorations here in the South of England.  We will be working deeply with this ancient energy and exploring our connection with the Great Mother, the Rising of the Divine Feminine and our role as Grid Workers and Keepers of our Sacred Lands.  We will also be working with the energy of the horned goddess Elen of the Ways and seeing her impact on the history of the land.  

Sparkford Hall.jpg

 We visit The Avebury Complex.  The biggest stone circle in the world, and a meeting point of the Mary and Michael Dragon Lines and the famous St Michael Ley Line.  This complex, dating back to 2850 BC originally consisted of about 100 stones.  We will spend most of the day exploring the site, as well as the Sun and Moon circles housed within the complex, the West Kennet Avenue and the Sacred Trees perched on the massive bank surrounding the circle.  This sacred site was known as a site for ceremonial celebrations focusing on fertility, rebirth and regeneration.  We will be working with these energies during our group meditation and earth connection time.

We visit Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow. 

This Long Barrow is a favorite of Yolandi’s and she is excited to share the energies of the Mary Dragon Lines with you in this sacred priestess space.  We will spend some time connecting with the energies here and she will share with you how this space is deeply connected with the womb and elements.

Silbury Hill is the largest artificial mound in Europe and compares in height and volume to the Egyptian pyramids.  This beautiful mound connects the Long Barrow and Avebury Henge.  It has an interesting history but no one is yet sure what it was used for.

are you feeling the call?

We are privileged to enjoy a  VIP Early Morning Experience at Stonehenge.  We will be able to go into the Stone Circle, take photos and meditate with the energies of this special place.  Yolandi will speak more about the mysteries of this ancient site and how it is actually far older than initially anticipated.  We will also work with the energies of the leylines and look at the afterlife significance of this sacred place.  

Woodhenge is another Neolithic site close to Stonehenge consisting of 6 conscentric ovals of standing posts.  This site has an amazing feel to it and we will spend some time here walking the site like a labyrinth.  The use of this site is unknown, but it was part of the bigger area surrounding Stonehenge.

stonehenge and Woodhenge.jpg

The City of Bath is not only a famous World Heritage Site but also the setting for the famous Bridgerton Series.  This gorgeous city was a wellness retreat for Romans and the elegant Georgian architecture surrounds you.  This city was also a favorite of Jane Austen. 

In the morning we will visit the Roman Baths together – this site has been used since Celtic times as well as by the Romans and restored during the Victorian Era.  You are then given some free time to explore more of the city on foot – here are some sites that is a must visit whilst we are there:

  • Pulteney Bridge – built in the 1700s, now with gorgeous little shops on both sides of the bridge.

  • Bath Abbey – this Gothic style building took 120 years to build.  With a famous ladder of angels on the west side and gorgeous stain-glass windows.  You can also enjoy the quaint little shops in this pleasant, pedestrianized square.

  • The Jane Austen Centre – a small museum dedicated to the life of this famous writer.

  • Royal Crescent – the epitome of Georgian architecture – it looks like a palace but close up you will see that it is 30 terraced homes laid out in a crescent. 


 We visit Glastonbury, the Heart Centre of the earth.  We start our visit by exploring the Abbey.  The site of the very earliest Christian Church, established by Joseph of Arimathea the uncle of Jesus.  This site is also known as the burial place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.  Here we will work with the energy of the dragon lines, visit the black well and explore the ancient buildings.  This tranquil space is a beautiful place to connect with the energies of the land and the history of this special town.

glastonbury tor.jpg

Today we start our visit by climbing the Glastonbury Tor.  A beautiful hill shrouded in mystery and deeply connected to the dragons of this land.  This is also a central point on the St Michael Ley Line and we will spend time exploring the hill, meditating and connecting to the energies here.  This is central to the mysteries of Avalon, and from here you will see why this hill is so famous. 

 We visit the White Spring for a private visit and work with the energies of this sacred space.  This sanctuary is home to the famous White Spring and we will pay tribute to the Divine Feminine and Masculine and you will have an opportunity to work deeply with the water of this site. 
Then move to the famous Chalice Well site.  This is home to the red spring and a sacred garden of peace.  This place is magical and we will spend time under the sacred yews, visit all the beautiful little spaces around this garden and enjoy a picnic lunch in this magical setting.  We will then visit the well and spend time here meditating and connecting with the beautiful energies of the sacred Mary Dragon Line running through this place.

Boconnoc House.jpg

Today we will be leaving magical Somerset and transfer to the mysterious county of Cornwall.  On our way south we will be visiting a famous castle on the moors.  We will then stop for lunch and make our way to Boconnoc House.


This area has been inhabited for thousands of year and the estate was also mentioned and taxed in the famous Domesday Roll of 1086. 


This beautiful 20-acre garden even boasts a deer park.  This gorgeous estate has some remarkable places to visit, and we will make time to explore it during our stay.  This estate is also deeply linked with old Druidic traditions, and we will be taking time to visit Druid’s Hill situated on the estate and work with the Dragon Lines running through the Estate.

Bodmin Moore.png

Today after breakfast, we put our hiking boots on and head out to explore the rugged beauty of Bodmin Moor, one of Cornwall’s designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  This historic place contains countless ancient monuments. 

The Hurlers Stone Circle – three Bronze Age stone circles.  This huge ceremonial landscape consists of 3 circles that are linked by a granite pathway that runs through the central axis and all the stones appear to be the same height.  We will spend time here working with the energies of this sacred land and the dragon lines.

We then move to the famous Cheesewring, a 32m high stone structure – the name derived from the appearance of the seven gigantic granite stones like slabs of cheese piled up high.  It is believed that this structure was part of Neolithic vision quests undertaken by the people.  This structure is also situated on the famous ley line.

After exploring this area, we will transfer to the magical Golitha Falls.  We will enjoy some lunch before starting our walking into this tranquil fairy forest to visit the waterfall.  We will spend some time connecting with the trees and the water.

Our final stop for the day is one of the best preserved and most impressive dolmens in Britain.  This portal dolmen is a burial chamber form the late Neolithic period believed to be built around 3500BC.  The Mary dragon line runs right through this structure, and we will be spending time working with the energies here.


We head to the beautiful harbor town of Boscastle.  Once a famous castle site that eventually fell into complete disrepair, it then became a bustling commercial port in the late 1500s.  This trade eventually disappeared in the late 1800s with the railways becoming more prevalent and is now known for it’s quaint fishing village atmosphere, dramatic harbor, interesting old buildings and the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.
The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic was established in 1960 and houses more than 3000 artifacts relating to witchcraft, the occult and magic.  This unique museum explores British magical practice from ancient times to present day.  Some of the most popular items include magical tools such as wands, black mirrors and crystal balls for scrying and a collection of protection talismans made by soldiers in the trenches of World War 1.
After our visit to the museum we will explore the little village, stop for some lunch and then take a walk down the river to the ancient harbor.  We will walk part of the famous cost path and enjoy the views of the blowhole, the old Victorian pool and the remains of the shellfish tanks from the clifftops.

St Nectans Glen.jpg

It’s time to go and explore the temperate Atlantic rainforest with ivy clad trees and ferns filled with fairies, pixies and woodland spirits.
St Nectan’s Glen is a beautiful ancient woodland located northeast of Tintagel in North Cornwall.  This magical woodland stretches for about a mile along the River Trevillet and houses the beautiful 18m waterfall called St Nectan’s Kieve.  This sacred place is closely linked with the Priestesses and the Knights Templar.  As we walk to the waterfall you will see many shrines and sites of worship.  Aphrodite, the Dragons and the Stags are all present here and Elen of the Ways. 
The full walk is around 3kms end to end, and rated as easy on most hiking websites.  We will have some lunch at the gorgeous café after visiting the waterfall and you can enjoy the quaint gift shop or visit the beautiful shrine and leave an offering for loved ones there.  

In the 12th Century Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote in his famous book, ‘History of the Kings of Britain’ the story of the British King, Uther Pendragon and Igraine, the wife of Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall.  It is said that Merlin the Wizard helped Uther to transform into the likeness of Gorlois and tricked Igraine into taking him to bed and conceiving King Arthur.  There are many stories and rumours around this Castle, and we will explore the sites and also the connection to the Priestesses of this land and the Knights Templar. 


We will explore the castle and the headland linked by a great bridge and you will enjoy the spectacular views and landscape of this area.  We will also visit Merlin’s Cave situated right underneath the impressive headland part of this ancient castle.  This cave is extremely special and the connections to Merlin and the Dragons are palpable.  We will take some time to meditate and explore this sacred place.

Tintagel Castle.jpg
We would love you to join us on this Beautiful Journey.  Connecting with Mother Earth and Opening Your Heart to Divine Love.  Please get in touch if you are Hearing the Call.  Space is very limited.

Tour Costs

Per Person Sharing a Double Room with a Private Bathroom:       £3793  Sold Out
Per Person in a Single Room with a Private Bathroom:                   £4493  Sold Out
Per Person Sharing a Single Room with a Shared Bathroom:        £4193   Sold Out
Per Person Sharing a Twin Room with a Shared Bathroom:           £3493   2 Available
Per Person Sharing  Triple Room with Private Bathroom:               £3493  
Sold Out


  • 7 nights at Sparkford Hall, Somerset, England

  • 6 Nights at Boconnoc House & Estate, Cornwall, England

  • All meals mentioned in the itinerary:

  • 13 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 13 Dinners

  • 2 Transfers:  One from a central London pick up point to Sparkford Hall   and the other to Liskeard Train Station

  • All transportation to sites

  • All Entrance Fees

  • Guided Healing Sessions

  • A Manual including Mantras and Healing Activities


  • International Flight to London and back to your final destination home

  • Meals not mentioned in the Itinerary (11 Lunches)

  • Travel Insurance

  • Transfers to and from central pick up point

  • Visas

  • Drinks/Alcohol/Water

  • Laundry

  • Any other extras not mentioned in the itinerary

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