This Goddesses tour with Michelle and her staff far exceed my expectations. I was a hesitant traveller on this trip as this was out of my comfort zone. Michelle planned a private tour of the Spinx for meditation that my Egyptian friends were in awe of. Not to be undone we then experienced a private tour of a Pyramid that we were allowed to enter inside the private chamber. It was truly amazing and felt like “An Indiana Jones “ experience.

Our tour guides Doaa & Mohamed were well versed and knowledgeable in Egyptology and provided us with insightful information. I have a deeper appreciation and knowledge of Ancient Egypt and the current state of affairs and future infrastructure plans to further Egypt as a sought destination trip. To ease your minds I found Egypt to be a safe country and most people do speak English. I developed a deep connection with the fellow Goddess on the tour.

Which only made the trip more special.

The accommodations, especially in Luxor, were first-rate with the exception of the boat we were booked on for The Nile. The rooms were outdated but the staff was amazing so it made up for the rooms. The staff were very accommodating and even planned a Birthday party for our fellow passengers that were celebrating birthdays. It felt like we were a family.

Egypt can be a challenge. It’s hot, bathroom facilities are not the best, city sanitation needs improvement. The traffic in Cairo is the worst I’ve ever seen. Those are minor inconveniences you put up with to wittiness the grandeur of Egypt.

If your planning on visiting Egypt you must go with Michelle Leske. She will plan every detail and throw in some surprise private tours that you’ll cherish forever.


Thank you, Michelle, from the bottom of my heart.

                                     Lisa Cartwright, San Diego, CA, USA